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The most unique feature of our dental practice is that we are highly skilled to treat most patients' needs within our office. Our team members are well trained, and many have been part of our group for ten to twenty years. We can deliver comprehensive care because of their expertise and the advanced training of [office.doctors]

By offering a wide range of services in one central location, patients enjoy full confidence in our dentists without having to research new specialty dentists and re-establish rapport with multiple referral doctors. This also avoids duplication or gaps in care and allows efficient and cost-effective treatment in one facility. Patients appreciate being treated in one familiar setting without multiple referrals, unless appropriate.

[office.name] formed through the acquisition of several practices that brought together patients, employees, and clinicians, into the current location. It is one of the the largest and most well respected dental practices in the Lake Highlands, East Dallas, Lakewood, Park Cities and North Dallas areas. This growth resulted in our exposure to a wide range of clinical needs and the refinement of our ability to treat and manage these needs to conclusion. Our current building was constructed in 2006 to provide regional access to the various services we offer - SIMPLE CARE, COMPREHENSIVE CARE, SURGICAL CARE.

As a family oriented practice, our professionals at [office.name] excel in their technical skills and their caring attitudes toward each patient. We present our patients with understandable treatment plans and encourage them to consider their choices carefully. We never make them feel pressured in these complex decisions.

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Copeland Family Dentistry

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Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your oral health, we are more than happy to sit down with you and discuss how you can achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.